Omaha Metro, NE

Omaha Metro, NE


Papillion Sanitation is committed to delivering reliable, superior service to all customers and to supporting the environment. In an effort to provide an enhanced recycling incentive program to curbside recycling customers, Papillion Sanitation has partnered with Recycling Perks.


Recycling Perks, The Program

**IMPORTANT: We’re working continuously to bring you new rewards. Don’t forget to check back regularly!**
Since June 4th, 2018, Papillion Sanitation recycling customers have the opportunity to register for Recycling Perks to earn reward points for placing their recycling carts out for collection. Registered participants can earn up to $25 in discounts per month and $300 in discounts each year. Participants may redeem their earned rewards for coupons, discounts and special deals with local vendors, retailers, restaurants, grocers and more.

95% Local Businesses!

Recycling Perks Omaha is local!! We want to make the metro area greener and support local communities, therefore more than 95% of the businesses we partner with are locally owned and operated.

Become A Recycling Perks Reward Partner!

Recycling Perks welcomes Omaha-area businesses to participate in the rewards program by offering a discount to local recyclers. The program is free for businesses to participate and more information can be found by clicking here.

Recycling Beyond The Cart

There are many items that can be recycled, but not in your curbside cart like household hazardous waste. If you would like to recycle batteries, electronics, and other hazardous material, visit the Papillion Sanitation Residential Recycling page here.

Recycling Schedule

The schedule of your pickup is sent when your container is delivered. You will be assigned either a Red week or a Blue week. If you are not certain what your week is, please contact our office for assistance or find the calendar online.

For a more detailed list of items accepted please review Papillion’s list of items that can and cannot be placed in the recycling cart.


Download this helpful guide to better understand the rules of recycling with Papillion Sanitation.


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