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Hollywood, FL


The City of Hollywood’s contract with Recycling Perks will end on March 31, 2020. 


Recycling Perks, The Program


The City of Hollywood’s contract with Recycling Perks will end on March 31, 2020.

In a three-year contract Recycling Perks partnered with the City of Hollywood to encourage residential recycling throughout the city. Going forward the City has partnered with WastePro Rewards program to continue to provide incentivized recycling.

April 1 2020, the City of Hollywood will officially transition to WastePro Rewards. Through the WastePro Rewards program residents will retain the total points they’ve accumulated during the Recycling Perks program. Residents will be able to redeem rewards under Recycling Perks until March 31, 2020. Furthermore, WastePro Rewards will have perks similar to those under Recycling Perks. Participating businesses can be found on the WastePro Rewards website, https://wasteprorewards.com/activate/.

City of Hollywood FL residents are invited to utilize the link below to create your new WastePro Rewards account. WastePro Rewards will credit your account with the same amount of points you had on the Recycling Perk program.

WastePro Rewards link: https://wasteprorewards.com/activate/ 
Select City of Hollywood.

For more information about the WastePro Rewards program, please contact Jennifer Goyette, 1-888-234-8211, Jennifer@rewardsforrecycling.com.

Through the Recycling Perks program more than 125 local businesses offered rewards to residents who recycled, residents redeemed rewards such as free food at some of their favorite restaurants, discounts at their favorite retailers, and more.

The Recycling Perks representative, Natasha Granado, participated in 35 neighborhood meetings, presentations at schools, City-sponsored events to promote the incentive program, educated residents about recycling right and living greener. “It has been a pleasure to work with the City of Hollywood Public Works and communications teams. It was like being a part of their team! I also loved running into residents who use our program and taking their input on what rewards to get next.”

It was a pleasure working with the Recycling Perks team, and to have a local person and a remote team to work with. Even though the program ends, those three years boosted our residents’ passion about living greener. The transition is going smoothly, and we hope residents will quickly adjust,” said Charles Lassiter, Assistant Director Public Works.

Thank you…

To our members who have participated in beach sweep cleanups alongside us.

To our members who were actively engaged in Recycling Perks’ Facebook campaigns.

To our members who became more avid recyclers because of the program.

To our local Hollywood business partners who offered discussants and freebies to our members.

And to our members who never missed a pickup!

We are proud of you all and hope that you continue to recycle and recycle better.

So, what happens now?

Although the program is ending, some things will remain the same or change slightly:

– Your recycling pick up will continue as usual

– Your Recycling Perks points will be moved to the City’s new incentive program, WastePro Rewards. You earned them!

– Continued opportunities to redeem your points at participating businesses through WastePro Rewards

– There will be no future Facebook posts for your area on the Recycling Perks Facebook page


For any questions regarding the end of the program, please contact the City of Hollywood Department of Public Works, Environmental Services Division at 954.967.4320. For additional questions about the Recycling Perks program please email info@recyclingperks.com or call our Customer Service at 1-855-813-2154.


Download this helpful guide to better understand the rules of recycling with the City of Hollywood, FL.


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