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Sun’s out fun’s out! 3 steps to make a green picnic basket!

Yes! It’s finally here, our old friend, summer! Restrictions around COVID have changed the way we interact and have fun but there’s still one action that is safe, simply sublime and fun anytime. A picnic! Let us show you how to green up your picnic and turn one-time use products into a thing of the past during your fun time in the sunshine. This can be a fun activity to do with the kids or a romantic one with your partner. 

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3 tips to be green and stay healthy during reopening

We’ve been on lockdown for what seems like an eternity and for a lot of us Perksters this has been a trying year to be a Planeteer. Many things about the way we live our lives changed almost instantly to prevent the spread of Covid19. Outdoor events were canceled, stifling any environmental engagement, our favorite eco-friendly businesses and restaurants were closed and one of the biggest upsets was the rollback on legislation against using plastic bags. Let’s face it, for those of us who celebrate Earth Day like it’s Christmas, this experience was one big lump of coal in our stocking but we’re still not out of the woods yet. Now that most areas are reopening we wanted to share 3 tips on what you can do to stay green while being safe during Covid19.

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A letter from the editor

From all of us here at Recycling Perks we would like to pass on our deepest gratitude to all of our members. Typically I fill this space with one of our informative blog posts, but times have been tough for us all. So this month I felt it was important to spread some love, kindness, and praise. During these hard times, it is important that we remember to communicate gratitude to ourselves, our planet, and each other. 

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We have been working from home for over 4 years. Check out our tips to get productive quickly! Last week our Vice President, Sandra Hungate, hosted a webinar, giving awesome tips to work from home. If you missed it and want to catch all the details, check it out below. This is one hour that you won't want to miss if you feel the "working from home" stress. View Webinar If life is [...] Read More
Bikes are worth more in isolation We have all seen the memes about wearing your finest to the grocery store. As ridiculous as those outfits are, the truth is real. Nowadays, the grocery store is the coolest thing since sliced bread! If the store is the only place we can go, why not make the most of it?   Get your [...] Read More
Women who have made impressive changes in their industries to push sustainability!

Have you ever wondered who is behind the awesome zero waste tips you see online, new innovative statewide initiatives, or company-wide sustainability efforts? Well, many of those driving forces are women! In honor of Women’s Day, we’ve selected a few notable women who have made impressive changes in their industries to push sustainability. We want you, our members, to have the chance to get to know these ladies and applaud them as we do! Maybe their drive will inspire you to make changes and slay as they do. We know you have it in you!

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Tired of the same old bag? Hamilton Perkins is a revolution!

We just picked up the coolest partner and they have been picking up our trash since 2014! Hamilton Perkins is creating jaw-dropping fashion from recycled plastic water bottles, pineapple leaf fiber, museum signs, showroom signs, and billboard vinyl.
Have you noticed the countless transitions between billboards, bus signs, and other advertisements? Probably not, these have been an advertising stable since advertisement began, but how many of us really think twice about the waste they generate? The Hamilton Perkins Collection exists to create timeless limited-edition bags from the trash we forget about.

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8 Sustainability tips for the busy human We know you are busy but being sustainable doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Here are our quick tips to start making a change in 2020! Take it one step at a time; don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the ideas on the list and just try and start with one! Educate yourself on what's [...] Read More
You recycle, we reward! Do you recycle? Recycling Perks rewards you for your recycling efforts with discounts and freebies at local and green online businesses. It's FREE! Plus you can learn some more ways of living greener while having fun!!! Sign Up NOW SIGN UP Create your private account and enter your home address so we can allocate you [...] Read More
How to tell your kids that Santa went green this year

We are all trying to make a difference this holiday season thinking more sustainably, but for some people with young kids that can be a tough choice to make. At what point do parents feel like they are robbing their kids of the holiday magic?

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